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Volunteer tasks

This article is from Signpost 46, Spring 2014

We have a pressing need for two groups of volunteers. The first group will help with the following tasks:

Membership Recruitment (provides the life blood of the society)

Given the size of our area it would definitely help if we had more than one group so we can split the effort geographically. The first 5 tasks can be carried out from home and should not take up more than half an hour per show. Of course that will only be possible if we have enough volunteers to staff the stands which usually involves being out in the fresh air. It can be very rewarding work and you get to meet some great people at the shows, plus the feeling of satisfaction each time a new member signs up.

The second area is:

Newsletter/Annual Report (Communications with members)

Again we would ideally like several people involved in these tasks, which can be done from home. This is an opportunity to learn new skills, if you have never worked on a newsletter before, so don’t let lack of experience put you off.

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