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Signpost Report June 2015

David Morton

This article is from Signpost 49, July 2015

Since January, when we installed Signposts 470, 481, 483 and 484, we have installed seventeen new signposts and, between April to June, carried out maintenance on seven, reposted one, re-installed one, repainted ten and partly repainted another ten as follows:

February486 and 487 at Cotebank, Chinley
490 and 491 at Under Whitle, Sheen
March475, 476, 477 and 479 at Limb Valley, Sheffield
May478, 480 and 485 at Limb Valley, Sheffield
488 at Aiggin Stone, Blackstone Edge, Littleborough, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Pennine Way Association and their former president.
493 at Wolfscote Dale, Hartington
499 below Big Stone, Cracken Edge, Chinley, paid for by Dave Brown our Secretary and his wife Judy for their 30th wedding anniversary
June494, 495 and 496 on the Peak Forest Canal towpath at the expense of the Towpath Action Group.

Photos of these new signs and details of their locations can be seen in the Signpost & Bridge Gallery.

Re-painting by Mike and Pete resumed when the weather warmed up in April and has included 81, 141, 149, then 118, 122, 191, 220 and 225 in May and 281 and 289 in June.

In April I refurbished the main plate on 110 near Little Hayfield. The oversized, plastic letter N at the end of LanterN, which had long mystified me, concealed a bullet hole, now filled!

Later I made an overdue visit to check, titivate and partly paint some of the cluster of signs on Darwen and Turton Moors. An additional memorial plaque (see photo) was fitted to 239 at Summer Close, in honour of member Jack Ogden, who liaised with Manchester and District Rambling Club for the Blind from the 1950s and who annually repainted F8 at Bullshaw Farm, Little Hayfield, travelling by bus from Gorton. I met and talked with him before he died in 2014.

In May I responded to a dramatic ‘Signpost Down!’ alert and refixed 217 (Limestone Way, Tideswell) to its concrete stump using stainless steel threaded rod.

In June we repainted and reposted 297, which commemorates the 30th anniversary (in 2005) of the ‘Longdendale and Glossopdale Footpaths Preservation Society’. I’m glad I don’t have to paint all those letters!

Once again, my thanks to all of those who have helped me, especially Pete Ash and Mike Hoare, Ted Wolfe and John Hodgson.

Several of the signposts listed above are available to any walker or affiliated group for commemorative plaques, in return for a donation to PNFS of £300.

I can be contacted most evenings on 0161-283-7824.

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