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Adrian Littleton Memorial Bridge

This article is from Signpost 50, January 2016

Adrian Littleton, who contributed so much to PNFS over a number of years, died in 2012. In the Annual Report for that year, David Bratt paid tribute to his work for the Society. It is fitting that the memory of a man who did so much for the Society, and all walkers, should be recognised by the erection of a footbridge, in a location which has been fraught with difficulties over the years. Indeed, the footpath on which the bridge has been erected is something of a cause celebre for the Society (see John Harker’s article from the Summer 2012 issue of Signpost, A Brief History of the Benfield Path.

Family and friends at the Memorial Bridge to Adrian

The dedication ceremony for the new bridge was a great success. It was organised by John Harker and well attended by both Adrian’s family and PNFS members, past and present, and the sun shone throughout as David Bratt recalled Adrian. Afterwards we retired to the comforts of the Andrew Arms at Compstall for sociable talk and recollection.

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