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Working more closely with our affiliated organisations

Ian Salvage

This article is from Signpost 51, July 2016

Many organisations have chosen to be affiliated to PNFS. At the current moment, we have 84 affiliates, with organisations covering a diverse range of areas including footpath societies, local councils, mountaineering clubs, conservation societies and a retired teachers’ association.

Below is a map showing the locations of our affiliates.

The benefits that affiliates receive include regular newsletters, invitations to major PNFS meetings, inclusion in our walks programme, receipt of our Annual Report and Accounts, and access to our extensive map library and to expert advice on rights of way matters.

The affiliation programme has been very successful and we are keen to offer affiliated groups a good service. We believe that there could be benefits on both sides from building closer relationships.

For our part, we would like to:

The way the liaison works will vary from group to group; however, the sort of activities that we have in mind are:

Would anyone be interested in helping to establish links with some of the groups? This would not be hugely onerous. I have divided the affiliates geographically into six areas. With myself + 5 other people, each person would have around 12 affiliates to contact and establish relationships with. If you could help, please contact me, Ian Salvage, either via email at, or telephone me on 01663 746979.

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Page title:Working more closely with our affiliated organisations
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