Peak & Northern Footpaths Society (est.1894)

Self-help maintenance of paths

Rhoda Barnett

This article is from Signpost 51, July 2016

At the recent Society AGM, there was a discussion about whether or not you could remove brambles, nettles, barbed wire, walls, fences and anything else which was obstructing your safe and convenient passage along a public right of way. The answer is a qualified yes. The main relevant points are:


If you go beyond what is allowed by the law, you may be guilty of the offence of damaging property without lawful authority (popularly known as “criminal damage”), or be sued for damages by the landowner or occupier; however, if you had an honest belief that you needed to do what you did to facilitate passage along the path, you have a defence to any criminal charge; if you are in real doubt, it does make sense to simply report the matter to PNFS and/or the local highway authority.

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Page title:Self-help maintenance of paths
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