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Signposts Report

David Morton

This article is from Signpost 51, July 2016

Since our last report in December 2015, the team have added 11 new signposts, with 5 more planned, and performed maintenance on 8 existing signs.

SPLocationAdditional Information
S021SK 12908 85259, Edale FP17 / 23, by Skinners Hall, Edale Valley - First erected 1905.
- Disappeared between then and 1908
- Replaced by Royal Label Factory fingerpost.
- Finger was then broken off.
- Landowner attended our PNFS S500 ceremony and agreed with me that we could replace it
S504SK 19807 87397, S end of Whinstone Lee Tor, Derwent Edge IMO “Beverley Bob” Dodds
S509SK 18791 85499, at path junction 400m N of Win Hill, Hope IMO PNFS member and benefactor John Pickstone
S508SK 17259 86120, on SE side of Wooler Knoll IMO David Lionel Cohen
S510SK 19045 86001, on SE side of Wooler Knoll, S of Ladybower Res’rWith the kind help of PDNP Rangers Paul Wetton and Helen Parry (based at Fairholmes) and their volunteers
S512SK 03897 83045, below Cracken Edge, ChinleyCommemorating the 50th anniversary of Blackbrook Conservation Society
S513SJ 85888 76558, near Finlow Hill Farm, Over Alderley For Alderley, Wilmslow & District FPS.
IMO Anita Armstrong Lee and Frank Scott
S514SE 02785 34711 on Millennium Way, West Shaw, Oxenhope, Keighley With the help of Bradford Countryside Services and Darren Hinchcliffe
S517SJ 92623 89819 near Goyt Hall Farm, junction of Midshires Way & SK-BRE, BW56 
S518SJ 92340 90160 at Goyt Hall Farm, junction of SK-BRE BW56 & FP59  
S524SK 1038553953 on the Manifold Way, W of Beeston Tor Farm, Grindon, Staffs  
S025Originally erected 1905, close to Win Hill Awaiting erection
S519Close to Win Hill Awaiting erection
S520Mosley Hall Farm, Horwich End, Whaley Bridge Ready for erection
S521Mosley Hall Farm, Horwich End, Whaley Bridge Ready for erection
S522Mosley Hall Farm, Horwich End, Whaley Bridge Ready for erection
S219Green Moor CC, Stocksbridge Re-posted, re-painted, re-erected
S251Gradbach Mill, Dane ValleyRe-instated on a 3” square steel post by the builders refurbishing the former YHA hostel – new, narrower plaques were fitted and “badge” repainted
S302Near Flash Re-painted
S309Near Flash Re-painted
F008Near Bullshaw Farm, Pennine Bridleway Moved 20’ onto Pennine Bridleway by PDNP (many walkers mis-led by sign as to correct route)
S038Made 1908 by Rowland Mower, at Brough Re-painted
S323At Moscar Lodge Moved 20m back from A57 road to reduce salt damage
S030By steps on Kinder Road, Hayfield Shot-blasted, re-painted, with the help of Alex at Leander Architectural (also now have a blank pattern of R Mower’s design in case it is ever needed)

Signposts under trees often need a clean.

Please take care of one or two for us. Phone me evenings on 0161 283 7824 if you have any questions, or wish to donate £300 and “adopt” any one of 21, 25, 487 (Chinley), 506, 507, 514, 516, 517, 518, 519, 520/1/2/4.

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