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Two new footpaths

John Harker

This article is from Signpost 52, Autumn 2016

2 new public footpaths were recently added to Stocksbridge Parish (Sheffield) Definitive Map by a confirmed Order. Hunshelf Parish Council (affiliated to PNFS) claimed them as rights of way. John Harker from PNFS advised the applicant (a parish councillor) to apply to Barnsley Council, as a short section of the claimed path lay in Barnsley. Sheffield Council did not at the time have an officer able to process an application to add a path to the Definitive Map.

Barnsley Council's Definitive Map Review Officer researched the case and obtained authority for an Order for the Barnsley section, while Sheffield Council made an Order for the Sheffield section. There were no objections to the Barnsley Order, so confirmation is expected imminently. The Barnsley section connects Footpaths 76 & 77 from point B to point C on the Order Plan shown, but north of the wall which forms the Sheffield / Barnsley boundary.

A suggested walk in the area can be found on the Stocksbridge ‘Walkers Are Welcome’ website at:

The new footpaths are on the map!

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