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Signpost Report, September 2017

David Morton (Signposts Officer)

This article is from Signpost 55, Autumn 2017

In the four months since May we have:

New Signposts:

S549SJ 99576 95423 on Mottram footpaths 86 and 93, in memory of member Dave Frith
S550SJ 95217 87808 on Marple footpath 75 in memory of Margaret Ledger, Altrincham RC
S551SE 00272 35969 on Keighley footpaths 137 and 187 at Bronte Bridge – see Plaques
S552SK 34759 66442 on Ashover footpaths 1, 5 and 6 at Hazelhurst Farm
S553SK 34727 66334 on Ashover footpaths 6 and 7 at Hazelhurst Farm
S556SK 34288 63192 on Ashover footpaths 53 and 57 at Butts Quarry
S557SJ 96365 74156 on Rainow footpath 67 near Vale Royal farm
S558SK 35037 63244 on Ashover footpath 42 on Milken Lane

N.B. Ashover is a new area for our signs. We have been aided in this by our inspector Keith Feltham and his friend Richard Felton.


Peter Ash has repainted signposts 35, 114, 201, 319, 320, 222, 223, 236, 217, 204, 312, 34, 43 and 78, removed a graffito on S472 in Ormskirk, and inspected 473 and 474 nearby. “Before and after” photos below show the difference his painting makes. I have also retrieved S024 from Eccles Road for shot-blasting and powder-coating.

Finally, those who walk on Blacka Moor on the Totley side of Sheffield will have noticed that S276 has been cut down to half its former height and had its memorial plaque removed. This has been taken up with Nabil Abbas of Sheffield Wildlife Trust, who manage that area on behalf of the City.

I can be contacted on: 0161 283 7824, if you have any questions.

Have a look at the Signpost Gallery on our website to see the location of all our signposts together with photos -

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