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Ordnance Survey Map of Greenspaces

This article is from Signpost 55, Autumn 2017

Ordnance Survey recently published a new “layer” to their OS Maps, showing publicly accessible recreational and leisure greenspaces across Great Britain. You can access this at:

The layer is for finding greenspaces and other leisure facilities in towns and cities, not in rural areas or national parks. It seeks to promote healthier lifestyles on the doorstep, without needing to travel long distances.

The PNFS Facebook page (see July 18 2017 entry) indicates possibly misleading elements. For example, areas with no right of access, such as golf courses, allotments and playing fields, are shown. Showing these does however fit with a greenspace’s formal definition, even though PNFS would probably prefer a more complete view of public access areas and ways freely open to the public.

The Oxford English Dictionary definition of a greenspace is 'An area of grass, trees, or other vegetation set apart for recreational or aesthetic purposes in an otherwise urban environment'.

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Page title:Ordnance Survey Map of Greenspaces
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