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A Tale About Crich Footpath 42

Ken Brockway, PNFS Member

This article is from Signpost 56, February 2018

While trawling the web, Ken found an interesting article about the creation of Crich footpath 42, from Crich Carr to Whatstandwell station. From the meeting minutes of Crich Parish Council May 1895: ‘the acceptance of Revd Acraman’s offer of four feet of land across his field to provide a footpath to Whatstandwell Station and the best thanks of this Council.., to be given to Mr. Acraman for his generous gift to the Parish’. The land referred to lies on the present track of the path. However, the path (sic!) to completion of this right of way did not run true. There were many twists and turns along the way, including opposition from the railway company involved, the disqualification of the Revd Acraman from the Council as he had been ‘convicted either on indictment or summarily of a crime’, and the recognition that the land was not the Revd Acraman’s to donate.

You can read the full story at:

As an ex-parish council clerk, Ken is not surprised that the project was rather protracted, but they didn’t give up and today we can still use Crich footpath 42 from Crich Carr to Whatstandwell station. The picture shows the path crossing the canal bridge, looking towards Crich Carr.

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