Peak & Northern Footpaths Society (est.1894)

Signpost Report, September 2018

David Morton (Signposts Officer)

This article is from Signpost 58, Autumn 2018

New signposts since May: only six have been installed, due mainly to the very hot weather. No more were stolen or vandalised, so we now have a total of 493. We hope to reach 500 soon.

Click on the signpost number to view it and its location.

All are available for memorials for a donation of £300, (going up soon due to increased costs).

Peter Ash repainted signposts S010, S068, S251, S228 and S338 and visited the top of Win Hill with me, after offering his help with fixing Toposcope 3, when it is made.

I wedged several loose posts and plates and visited many more which had not been inspected for three years. Only S257 remains to be done, but the respite will be short-lived.

Further good news is that:

I can be contacted on: 0161 283 7824, if you have any questions.

Have a look at the Signpost Gallery on our website to see the location of all our signposts together with photos -

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