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Signpost for Derek Seddon

Pat Seddon

This article is from Signpost 60, Summer 2019

PNFS's much-loved, last-but-one president, Derek Seddon is commemorated on a new sign on the Rainow to Lamaload path and also on this old, tatty-looking sign south of the Cat and Fiddle, which was erected here after he finished the Tan Hill to Cat and Fiddle route, then kept going till he reached Flash! It is on our list for repainting.

Derek's widow Pat, who recently visited the new sign, writes "I thought I would just let you know that I have at last made it to see the signpost at the Cat and Fiddle. On Mother's Day, my two daughters took me to lunch at the Peak View restaurant, and then we went to see the signpost - my first proper outing for a long time! Daughter Catherine gave me some support along the stoney bits, but it felt great to get some very fresh air and exercise.

We thought it was a lovely spot for Derek. I expected it to be more lonely, but we met several groups along the way. I'm glad the path is well used. It was obviously a good day for a walk and I saw groups of people walking along the ridge above the Cat and Fiddle. The girls are planning to take me to the Walker Barn signpost next. They seem to think there is a simpler way without me having to climb over walls!

Many thanks for all your efforts in producing the plaques. It means a lot to us. Best wishes to you and the PNFS."

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