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David Gosling, Footpath Inspection Co-ordinator

This article is from Signpost 63, Winter 2019

I have started a blog with a view to spreading the word about what PNFS does. The idea is to communicate something about the work that the society undertakes and which is often hidden from the world.

It is from my perspective as a footpath inspector and coordinator of inspectors, but I would be keen to include contributions from others to show other aspects of PNFS work. Just write a piece and send to me, preferably with some relevant photos, and I will edit it and submit the blog post. The advantage of a blog is that you can go into more detail than is possible with facebook, twitter etc.

The views expressed are my own, and not necessarily PNFS policy. This is essential as far as I am concerned, because I wouldn't want to get every blog checked and approved. The risk is that I may say something that is controversial or incorrect, but I am willing to risk that. Any mistakes can be corrected so I have already thanked Kate Ashbrook for correcting my mistake about the date of the Kinder Trespass.

The link to the blog is

If you want to see what I am saying, you can 'subscribe' which means you will be notified when a new blog is posted. I very much doubt that I will maintain my current rate of four blogs in three days, but that is just because I am getting started.

I hope that along with the other publicity work that Jenny, Debby and Louise are undertaking, the blog will be another type of publicity that uses modern forms of communication and reaches new audiences. Please share the link with anyone who you think might be remotely interested.

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