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Alan Hooley

Brian Hamilon, John Grimsey (both Assessors) and others

This article is from Signpost 63, Winter 2019

Every Monday at Taylor House there is a dedicated team of volunteers. They are assessors who receive from local authorities a stream of footpath orders, consultations on proposed footpath diversions, closures and creations, objections, and other correspondence. The assessors work closely with inspectors who undertake site visits to comment on proposed diversions. Alan Hooley joined the Consultation and Orders department in February 2004. In the following year he became its manager, replacing Peter Crofts, and remained so until his retirement.

In a typical year Alan would have received 120-175 orders, responded to over 200 pre-order consultations, dealt with 150 other correspondence items and lodged a dozen or so objections. Quietly and efficiently, he worked with good humour and dedication. His previous work in local government and his legal knowledge stood him in good stead, but it was his meticulous attention to detail and his systematic approach which made him such an outstanding leader of this team.

Alan was a regular attendee at Taylor House except when Lancashire Cricket Club was playing at home! He was always friendly and approachable and would stop what he was doing to deal with any queries from us. He retired earlier this year and his absence has already been felt as a great loss to the Society and particularly to the Consultation and Orders section. We miss his friendliness and professional skills very much. Terry Norris now oversees the assessors team.

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