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Launching PNFS Path Checkers

David Gosling, Footpath Inspection Co-ordinator

This article is from Signpost 63, Winter 2019

Many PNFS members and other people who use rights of way want to help PNFS protect and preserve our footpaths, but they do not want to make the commitment to become a footpath inspector.

We are launching a new scheme aimed at all users of footpaths. We are inviting them to become path checkers. As path checkers they will report on any footpath problems when they find them by making use of modern forms of communication and social media. PNFS will receive the reports as part of its existing role monitoring the rights of way network. It is already possible to report a fault by completing a fault report form from our website, but we want to simplify the procedure for a wider range of footpath users. The typical PNFS footpath inspector tends to be retired with plenty of leisure time, whereas other users may be an explorer scout or guide, Duke of Edinburgh student, student volunteer, parent with children, middle-aged walker or member of a running group.

We need to raise awareness of the scheme through social media to reach such a wider audience and publicise more widely PNFS as a modern and active charity working for all users of footpaths and bridleways. We need to have simple ways of reporting a problem on a phone, tablet or laptop. Watch out for full details in the next issue of Signpost. In the meantime, if you want to register to be a Path Checker, email

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Page title:Launching PNFS Path Checkers
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