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Memorial at Drinkwaters

Shirley M Addy, Editor and Footpath Inspector

This article is from Signpost 62, Spring 2020

Recently whilst walking to inspect PNFS signpost S527 on Great Hill, situated between Chorley and Darwen, I came across an unusual and discreet memorial at Drinkwaters. A bench has been formed out of two large stone blocks, undoubtedly from the ruins of the adjacent farm, which are decorated with stainless steel silhouettes of eleven runners and next to it are two short upright stones: one has a black silhouette of a runner inscribed with "Joe", and the other has the inscription "Joe fell runner 1939 1991".

Investigation on the internet reveals that Joe Whitter was a fell runner well known for his ultra-distance runs over the moors. A spring runs through Drinkwaters and its water was frequently drunk by him on his runs.

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Page title:Memorial at Drinkwaters
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