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Letter to the Editor

Gordon Richards, Nottingham Rock & Heather Club

This article is from Signpost 65, Autumn 2020

Dear Editor,

A couple of comments on Signpost No 64. Firstly, regarding Parish Notes, as well as the booklets by Professor Brian Robinson, he also originally produced an excellent  hardback book Walls Across the Valley - The Building of the Howden and Derwent Dams, 1993, Scarthin Books, Cromford.

Secondly, in Signpost Synergy, the writer suggests taking up the challenge of walking routes visiting multiple signposts in a day. I marked up my Dark and White Peak Maps some years ago and sometimes use them as a theme for the day. As examples of two of the higher counts, in October 2015 in the New Mills/Mellor area were 25 signs. (I even had one chap take a photo of my map that day.) In July 2017 in the Hayfield/Rowarth area, for a bit of variety, I counted 10 signs, 3 plaques, 2 bridges and 1 fingerpost. It certainly gets you to different areas and keeps the micronavigation up to par!

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