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Inspect to Protect Rights of Way

This article is from Signpost 69, Autumn 2021

It is a vital part of PNFS's work to 'inspect to protect' footpaths so it relies on its footpath inspectors. We now have 160 inspectors which is a large increase on a few years ago and we also now have an excellent online training course. However, there are areas within the PNFS region where we currently do not have inspectors and consequently have very little data on the condition of footpaths.

These are:

Would you consider devoting a little time to reporting footpath problems so that the Society can fulfil its role in protecting footpaths in these areas?

As a footpath inspector you would agree to walk the footpaths in your parish(es) once every two years (if you can), record your inspections on the PNFS Footpath Inspection Database, send reports of any faults to the Highway Authority, and monitor any progress of the faults you have reported. If necessary, the Society will apply legal pressure to get serious problems resolved.

Inspectors also respond to faults reported to us via Path Checkers and other walkers. They also look at any diversions, closures and creations to the public rights of way network. We will object to changes which are not in the interest of walkers.

If you are interested contact Footpath Inspection Coordinator, David Gosling 07841647275 or by email

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