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A New Feature from OS Maps

Ken Brockway, Footpath Inspector

This article is from Signpost 69, Autumn 2021

Previously, Snap-to-path only worked along Rights of Way in Britain’s National Parks. Creating this dataset was a big undertaking: as well as digesting all the Rights of Way, we consulted with park rangers to check the connectivity between different paths, surveyed some paths on the ground and quality-assured the data. The magnitude of this process meant it was not feasible to roll it out across the whole country.

OS Maps - Snap-to-path is a helpful tool which will automatically ‘snap’ a route you’re plotting to available paths, tracks and roads. It means you don't have to trace out every detail of your route by drawing hundreds of straight lines; instead just click two points on the map, and a route between them will be calculated automatically.

New Globally Snap-to-Path uses paths and tracks from OpenStreetMap. So it’s important to highlight that the new Global Snap-to-path is not guaranteed to be along Rights of Way. We always recommend double checking your route by switching to OS’s 1:25,000 mapping and making sure the route is either following a Public Right of Way or is within Access Land.

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Page title:A New Feature from OS Maps
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