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Ken Brockway, Footpath Inspector

This article is from Signpost 69, Autumn 2021

Osleston and Thurvaston FP42

Before and after a good trim

Trusley FP21 and FP22

I have again received a positive reply regarding rails across Derbyshire footbridges. DCC wrote: "Derbyshire County Council Structures Management Team has now visited the footbridge and have understood your concerns regarding that there appears to be no need for the knee high rail. The Structures Management Team will be adding the structure to our database so that a job can be issued when budgets allow, to replace the entire footbridge as it appears to be approaching the end of its safe to use life expectancy. From today’s inspection in its current relatively loose and partly rotten overall condition there is a potential risk that the knee high rail may be inadvertently giving some torsional strength to that end of the structure."

Dalbury Lees FP25

Dalbury Lees, near The Cow,
an up-market inn with a down-market name.

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