Peak & Northern Footpaths Society (est.1894)

Membership and Website Update

Mel Bale, Trustee, Membership Secretary and Webmaster

This article is from Signpost 69, Autumn 2021

I’m delighted to be able to report that our membership numbers continue to grow and now are just over 1400! There was an excellent response to the renewal reminders that were either sent out with the summer issue of Signpost or emailed to those members who receive it electronically. Several members renewed despite saying that they are no longer particularly active, they just want to carry on supporting the society. If you find a renewal reminder with this copy of Signpost I would urge you to renew as soon as you can. Remember you can now renew online as well at

There is also exciting news about the website as well. The trustees have appointed a website designer to work with us to redesign the society’s website. Our aim is to make it more visually attractive and appealing. We want to show that PNFS is a lively organisation, involved in a range of activities with the protection, promotion and improvement of rights of way at the heart of what we do.

Key to this redesign is having the best images to project the society. If you have any photographs that you think would be suitable for use on the website please send them to me either by email or marked for my attention to Taylor House.

Next: World record? Number of PNFS signposts in one walk now reaches 25!

Page title:Membership and Website Update
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