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Path Checkers

Do you walk, run, ride or cycle and love the countryside?

Help us care for our countryside

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Become a Path Checker

As a Path checker you can report issues to PNFS and we will do our best to get them sorted.

Three Reporting Methods

From your smart phone

By email

From your laptop or PC

Method 1: From your smart phone

First, download the free phone app ‘OS Locate’ (it works on Android and iPhones) and install it on your phone.

OS Locate can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play

Then, when you find a problem:

  1. Take a photo of the problem
  2. Open OS Locate to identify your location.
  3. Click on Share my location
  4. Click on mail and send us:

Send the email to

We will acknowledge receipt of your email and investigate the issue.

Then we will inform the Highway Authority so that they can take action.

Method 2: By email

When you find the problem out in the countryside, if possible, take a photo and note your location preferably as grid reference.

When you get home send an email from your PC or laptop to providing the following:

  1. brief description of the issue
  2. attach your photo
  3. the location of the problem as a grid reference
  4. your name and contact phone number (if you wish)

Method 3: Via the form on the form below

Just complete the details on this Form

The advantage of using the form is that you will automatically receive a reference number when you submit your report.

Typical problems

Further details on typical problems on rights of way can be found Here

Your Legal Rights

The law guarantees public rights of access over routes designated as public rights of way. Public Rights of Way (PROW) are highways, but unlike roads, footpaths are only for those on foot, and bridleways are for those on foot, horseback or bike.PNFS believes the rights of walkers need to be protected.

Become a Path checker

Just send an email with your name and phone number to

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