WELCOME to the first issue of Waymark, the Society's new e-newsletter

I have pleasure in forwarding your first copy of Waymark. Waymark is a newsletter that will be published four times a year and sent by email. It will also appear on pnfs.org.uk/waymark. Its aims will to encourage members to volunteer or get more involved in helping the PNFS, and also be a benefit to members without any extra cost to them or the Society.

Waymark will not replace Signpost in any way, but rather complement it and help fill a void in the twelve week gap between issues.

If you have any suggestions or comments about Waymark, please contact me on editor@pnfs.org.uk

Shirley M Addy, BA, PNFS Editor

Inspectors - Zoom Training and Online Resources

Each year, new footpath inspectors attend a training day at Taylor House. Due to the restrictions in place due to the pandemic, this year's training will take place by means of several zoom meetings in February. These will be supported by training resources available online.

The target of 150 footpath inspectors has now been reached. Inspectors are needed in areas such as Staffordshire, Bradford, Calderdale and Wakefield where we have few people monitoring paths.

At the time of preparing this newsletter, footpath inspectors are reminded of the rules that only essential travel is permitted, but they may wish to note footpath issues while exercising on paths that can be reached on foot from home or a very short drive as the government guidance allows.

AGM and Walks Programme

Please note that due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic the 2021 AGM will be held online via Zoom at 11 am, 17 April 2021. Joining instructions will be sent to members and delegates in due course. Please contact the membership secretary by email at membership@pnfs.org.uk for further details.

The walks programme remain suspended until further notice. Please check the website pnfs.org.uk for any updates.

Facebook for Members

The society has a Facebook Group - PNFS MEMBERS. This is a forum for society members aimed at encouraging discussion of all matters relating to the preservation, promotion and improvement of the rights of way network across our region, our signposts, bridges and research into unrecorded ways. We hope it will also be a good place to share images of walks that can also be posted on our Instagram account, #LOVEOURFOOTPATHS.


Seen on Footpaths

Manor Lodge in Sheffield was the hunting lodge of the Earls of Shrewsbury and Dukes Norfolk until such residences fell out of fashion in the C17th. Now its a tourist attraction with a visitor centre, interpreting a site where Mary Queen of Scots stayed during captivity and where Cardinal Wolsey caught a fatal dose of dysentery after his arrest for treason.

Partially demolished in the early 1700s for reusable building materials, other parts were converted into miners' cottages as the deer park was rich in minerals quite close to the surface. Manor Castle colliery formed the basis of a small village until an expanding Sheffield absorbed it and the colliery closed in 1896.

The site has various outdoor art works including a coal tub cum seat which sits adjacent to public footpath Sheffield 213 outside the visitor centre. On the coal tub sits a canary's cage as a stark reminder of the dangers of mining and how rudimentary safety measures were. One of the canaries seems to be falling off its perch. A whiff of gas perhaps?

John Harker, Area Officer, Sheffield

Ken Smith's Walking Videos

Listed below are walking videos on a YouTube Channel named MyWalkingMovies. They say “Never miss an opportunity.” So here goes: Lockdown is a good time to channel some of your time walking through my YouTube Channel ... If you like what you watch please subscribe. I launched the channel over 2 years ago in June 2018. I currently have nearly 250 videos and 120+ YouTube subscribers videos of walks, views, events mainly in Saddleworth and the North West plus the South West Coast Path which I plan to complete one day having done over 230 miles already, so only another 400 miles yet to walk. No advertising - my aim is just to encourage more people to get out walking in our beautiful country side. I was looking to get at least 100 subscribers to qualify for a more logical channel name. Having now got that, I am looking to get 200 more subscribers. I launched my own website on 5 May 2020 - My Walking Movies


This walk starts at Greenfield Railway Station and finishes at Marsden Railway Station. Walked with PNFS Long Walks Programme on Wednesday 14.8.19 - Walk Leader John Fisher - distance 7.1 mi 11.5 km.

Ordnance Survey Map of this walk. and FLY THROUGH of this walk


This walk starts and finishes Congleton Railway Station. Walked with PNFS Long Walks Programme on Wednesday 24.4.19 - Walk Leader Bill Minshall - distance16.5km 10.2mi. Thanks Bill for keeping this great walk alive and all your very interesting local knowledge. I just loved THE CLOUD on this walk (The Bosley Cloud).


This walk starts and finishes at Greenfield Railway Station. Walked with PNFS Long Walks Programme on Wednesday 27.6.18 - Walk Leader Martin Riley - distance 18.2km 11.3mi. Walking up to Pots and Pans, down to St Chad’s Church and then down to Brownhills then along the Huddersfield Canal back to Greenfield.


This walk starts at Kidsgrove (Staffordshire) Railway Station and finishes at Congleton (East Cheshire) Railway Station. Walked with PNFS Long Walks Programme on Wednesday 27/02/2019 - Walk Leader Tony Littler - distance 16.8km 10.45mi. Ordnance Survey Map of this walk


Walking while on holiday. The famous drinking dinosaur of the Jurassic Coast. Caught the X54 double decker bus on the large car park opposite Lulworth cove Visitors Centre. Upstairs front seats, got off at Weymouth town centre then walked to Weymouth Harbour then walked the SWCP back to Lulworth Cove stopping for lunch at The Smuggler’s Inn. The view at the end of the walk Thursday 26.9.19 was just spectacular from Weymouth Harbour to Lulworth Cove ... Somewhere under a double rainbow you will find Lulworth Cove, I think there is a new song in those words Somewhere ...


PNFS signpost 613 was installed by John and Ross on Thursday 1.10.20. Footpath 107 Saddleworth above Diggle. Many thanks to Saddleworth Milk at Roundhill Farm for giving permission to install this PNFS Signpost 613 on their land.

PEAK and NORTHERN FOOTPATHS SOCIETY SPOT THE SIGNPOST CHALLENGE PNFS Signposts I spotted from 18.9.20 to 18.12.20. On my walks I have spotted these signposts and taken a photograph of PNFS Signposts.

LASTLY BUT NOT LEAST ... Look at pages 1 and 15 of - Saddleworth Monthly

Best Ever Stile?

This beautifully made green-painted metal stile was a joy to climb. Note the ergonomic and ornate upright, square tubed horizontal bars and slip-proof mesh step; also the anti-bruising top circular tubing. On Bowland with Leagram FP29, Moss Side, at SD63079 42605, it must be best stile ever made.

Shirley M Addy, Editor, Footpath and Signpost Inspector

PNFS Badges

PNFS has a pin badge available. Showing the society's logo, it is 25 mm diameter with a single pin with a secure clip on the back. The cost is a minimum donation of £3 including p&p. Send your order with payment to the Treasurer at Peak and Northern Footpaths Society, 23 Turncroft Lane, Stockport SK1 4AB. Alternatively order online treasurer@peakandnorthern.org.uk

A cloth rucksack badge in similar design is also available for £3 including p&p. Ordering details are as above.

Deadline for Signpost

Please be reminded that the deadline for copy for the next issue of Signpost magazine is 15 February 2021. Please forward your articles to editor@pnfs.org.uk in good time, the sooner the better, as items are usually included on a first-come-first-published basis - unless they are topical. Remember I can only accept them in an editable format, such as Word, and photographs in jpg format. Also, including your job or role title would be helpful.


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