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WELCOME to Waymark

Waymark is a newsletter that will be published via email four times a year - helping fill that long gap between Signpost - and will also appear on One of its aims is to encourage members to volunteer or get more involved in helping the PNFS.

If you would like to contribute to or have any suggestions or comments about Waymark, please contact me on

Shirley M Addy, BA, PNFS Editor

PNFS YouTube

PNFS now has a YouTube Channel, click HERE to view it. There are two videos so far, the first of the PNFS Online Talks given by Dan Raven Ellison about the Slow Ways Project and an inspection video about 'Kingsley 11'. There will be more published over the coming months. Please subscribe to the channel so that you get notifications of updates. We can publish your video if it is related to PNFS activities. Please contact David Gosling on if you wish to contribute in any way.

Trustees Wanted

Make a difference - become a trustee. Trustees help to set the direction for the charity, ensuring that it is meeting its charitable objectives and helping its beneficiaries. They are responsible for overseeing and monitoring the charity's activities.

What will you be doing?

We are looking for new trustees who can contribute knowledge and experience to the team. Whilst not exclusive we would particularly value someone with the following skills and experience:

The Management meetings take place on the last Friday of each month (no meeting in December), normally at Taylor House, Offerton, Stockport but currently via video conference. Papers for the meeting, including reports from our officers who attend the meetings, are distributed ahead of the meeting. Trustees are expected to have read the papers and noted questions which they wish to raise at the meeting, to gain a clear picture of issues or problems that may have arisen. Trustees need to have adequate information to make responsible decisions about the future of the organisation and the way it is run. They are required to plan strategically for that future. Trustees are responsible for approving the policies which govern the charity's activities, ensuring that they are reviewed regularly, and monitoring their implementation.

Trustees are expected to take advantage of any online training which is available.

The minimum time commitment for this role is 4-5 hours per month. You may be invited to join a subcommittee. The time commitment for these varies.

What’s in it for you?

This important and rewarding role provides a unique opportunity to be part of the continual evolution and development of the Society, ensuring that it continues to meet the needs of walkers and other users and fulfil its stated aims in a positive and innovative way. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to make a real difference.

What are we looking for?

We particularly welcome applicants with experience of marketing and communications (media and PR), digital and IT. Some experience of a leadership role would be useful, as would legal knowledge.

Interested? Then Act Now. Please send a brief outline of your relevant experience with a covering letter to

Revision to Footbridge Policy

At a recent Society Management Meeting the Trustees approved a change in the policy, “Policy 007: Funding Footbridges”. It was agreed to modify section 2 to allow the Society to contribute ALL the costs associated with the installation of a footbridge. Both the existing Footbridge Officer Nigel Howe and a previous Footbridge Office Neil Collie were in agreement with change. The membership can be reassured that every funding proposal undergoes a thorough assessment to ensure the criteria is met, before being brought to the Trustees for approval.

The revised wording of section 2 is below.

"2. The Society may contribute all the costs associated with the installation of the footbridge such as abutments and footpath improvements, including signing and waymarking. We may ask the Highway Authority to share the cost of the project if significant repairs or improvements to the path are needed. This is so that the path is safe and convenient for walkers. The details of the work to be carried out by the Highway Authority must be agreed with the Society in writing."

The full policy is on our website and can be viewed HERE

PNFS Zoom Talks

Each month a speaker will be giving an illustrated talk about a topic which is relevant to the work and objectives of the Society. These will be led by a PNFS member or someone from another organisation which has interests close to our own. Using Zoom, they will start at 7.00 pm and last for approximately one hour. Members will be emailed with joining instructions a few days before each talk's date. Below is the programme so far:

David Morton - Life and Times of PNFS Signposts - 20 July

Ken Brockway - Claiming Unrecorded Rights of Way (Lost Ways) - 24 August

Nicola Swinnerton - Challenges of a Rights of Way Officer - 21 September

Andy Leader - Photographing Landscapes - 21 October

A recording of Dan Raven Ellison's talk about the Slow Ways Project is on our YouTube channel as mentioned above.

List of 37 PNFS signposts available for memorials or dedications

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There are still some signposts - listed below - available for individual walkers or walking groups who would like to have a commemorative plaque to one in return for a donation of £375. As can be seen from Signpost Officer, David Morton's reports in Signpost, all signposts receive periodic inspections and maintenance as required. Click on the links below to see the details of each signpost.

If you are interested, contact David on 0161 283 7824 or email him on

S514 at Oxenhope, Keighley; S517 on Midshires Way at Bredbury

S531 & S532 at Wicken Walls, Flash; S533 & S534 at Hr. Hud Lee Farm, Hurst Green, Lancs.

S540 & S541 at Onecote Grange, Leek; S542 at Hassop, Calver

S553, S565, S566, S567 & S571 at Ashover; S574 at Goldsytch Farm, The Roaches

S575 at Gradbach Wood; S577 at Elkstone, Warslow, Leek

S580 at Norden, Rochdale; S585, S587 & S588 at Mountain Farm, Blacko, Colne

S589, S591, S592 & S593 at Hr. Gills Farm, Rimington, Clitheroe; S594 at Ribchester, Ribble Valley

S598 & S599 at Copster Green, Ribble Valley; S601 at Slaidburn, Bowland

S603 & S604 at Lt.Snodworth, Langho, Ribble Valley; S606 at Butterley, Ashover

Pending completion:

S617 at Dinckley, nr Langho, Ribble Valley; S618/19/20/21 at Laund Farm, Chipping, Bowland (details not on our website as yet)

Kate Ashbrook's blog

PNFS Vice President, Kate Ashbrook has a blog called CampaignerKate, which will interest many members. Go to She writes about things which interest her, quite a lot of which is about paths, walks and campaigns, and a bit of nostalgia etc. PNFS is mentioned in, which was originally published in Signpost 68. The full issue can be viewed or downloaded HERE

Joss Naylor's Lakes, Meres and Waters of the Lake District

Written by Joss Naylor and Vivienne Crow, this new book is being published by Cicerone in September 2021. In 1983, the legendary Joss Naylor completed the little-known 105-mile Lakes, Meres and Waters route in a staggering 19 hours 14 minutes. This book interweaves tales of past and present as Naylor regales his 1983 epic on a re-walk 37 years later. It includes practical information for those looking to complete the route themselves.

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Join a walk for PNFS Members

All members are welcome to join any of PNFS's walks. There are two walks organised by a PNFS member each month. The shorter one is usually about 6-7 miles long and the longer one about 9-10 miles long. All walks start from a railway or bus station. Details can be found in Signpost magazine or on

In case you missed ... - Right to Roam, Right to Forage, and Trespass laws in the UK, with the Black Belt Barrister - Pendle Hill Walking Trail - Rescuers question what3words' use in emergencies

The links below provide more information regarding Highways England's plans to infill or demolish disused railway bridges. In some areas Highways England's haven't even had to apply for planning permission!!! (map of the identified structures) - (The Historical Railway Estate Group started a petition) - The Facebook page has a lot of really up to date information

Other links that might be of interest National Parks and the Climate Emergency - 'National Parks and the Climate Emergency' report - Richmond Park and the Georgian access controversy - The National Archives blog

Quiz by Ken Brockway

Question 3: This view of the Snake Inn has changed over the intervening years, bicycles have partly given way to cars and the Inn while still offering accommodation may not have the same hospitality for thirsty travellers over the Snake Pass.

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Question 4: A group of people over look a pond perhaps a mill pond but with a fountain. A building which could be the mill stands at a lower level. On the hill side beyond a cemetery and on the horizon the ends of terraced houses. Can anyone place the location?

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Detailed answers will be in the next Waymark.

PNFS Badges

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PNFS has a pin badge available. Showing the logo (as shown here), it is 25 mm diameter with a single pin with a secure clip on the back. The cost is a minimum donation of £3 including p&p. Send your order with payment to the Treasurer at Peak and Northern Footpaths Society, 23 Turncroft Lane, Stockport SK1 4AB. Alternatively order by email to

A cloth rucksack badge in similar design is also available for £3 including p&p. Ordering details are as above

Answers to quiz in previous Waymark

Question 1: In the Trent Valley, this folly was reconstructed from a demolished house that was located up stream from the current location. Where is it now and where was it originally?

Answer: Sandon and Burston FP4 Lord Harrowby's Folly came from Trentham Hall. Sandon Hall is the ancestral home of the Harrowby family who now offer the hall as 'a stunning wedding venue'. Walkers can however explore the Upper Park along Sandon and Burston FP4, largely permanent pasture with mature parkland trees, with Sandon Wood (FP3) occupying its north-east corner. On the highest ground of Upper Park stands Trentham Tower (listed grade II). This is or was the upper part of one of the stone towers of Trentham Hall moved here after Trentham's demolition in 1910-11. See also Footpath 39 forms a part of the 'Stone Circles Challenge' not archaeology but a circular walk around the town of Stone. Here it passes Pitt's Column a 22 metre tall Doric column listed grade II*. The parish has no inspector. For a 6 mile circular walk see

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Question 2: An unrecorded track in Kirklees, it forms part of a recreational route. Name the 'A' road and bridleway that the track links.

Answer: A62 Manchester Road, Marsden and Col/197/10. An application for bridleway has been submitted ref. COL/dmmo app262/10. The route is included in the Standedge Trail A 12-mile circular walk crossing the Pennines with a transport history and archaeology theme links both ends of Standedge Tunnel revealing a unique concentration of remains from the canal, rail and turnpike eras.

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Ken Smith's walking videos


9.24km 5.7 mi 2h 25min; lowest 174m; highest 332m; total ascent 313m. Walked on Tuesday 12th of January 2021. A circular walk stating and finishing at The Navigation Inn Wool Road Dobcross. I also carried out a footpath inspection of Footpath 55 Saddleworth the main purpose for this walk. You can walk in to Dobcross village on this walk just a few minutes detour as I did. Please click link to view OS Route Map of this walk …


Greenfield to Glossop and 2 weeks later Glossop to Greenfield. Walked during Saddleworth moor fires. Walk of the century - I guess Saddleworth Moor has not looked like this in the last 100 plus years. Walked solo 30 June 2018. 24.6km 15.3mi. The Saddleworth Moor fires, which were major incidents, burned over 7 square miles 18 square kilometres. Fires broke out 24th June 2018 and lasted 3 weeks on Saddleworth Moor in Greater Manchester. As for the walk ... Left Greenfield 10:30am heading out to Glossop down Chew Valley Road. Finished the walk and caught the 5:20pm train back to Piccadilly no beer stops because I arrived back at Glossop Station 5 minutes before the train, great timing. Oh! and you can use your senior bus pass to and from Glossop. I had a pint of Peroni expensive £5.50 a pint (I nearly cried) at Piccadilly Station waiting 25 mins for the Greenfield train. It was a fantastic walk really enjoyed it, but dangerous too. Yes, I did get worried, the fact that I was on my own was a worry, however, I did push on and was determined to finish it. I think if I was accompanied I would have been talked out of it. Sadly on the walk, there was too much to photograph and video my phone died just above Tintwistle, so no photos of Sunny Glossop. I will be walking Glossop to Greenfield soon though and will update movie with Glossop photos later. Photographed as far as Holybank Quarry Tintwistle Derbyshire. Done it ...

Also see SADDLEWORTH MOOR WALK - Glossop to Greenfield walked 2 weeks later 14 July 2018. 37.2 km 20.3mi. My longest walk since retiring in September 2017 and I walked solo. The path was badly burnt so I got lost on Tintwistle Moor. It got late and I decided to end the walk coming down off the Moor around 6:40, landed at Carr (Carrbrook). So tired on my way down decided to catch the bus. Got down off the moor and walked to Huddersfield Road, I then changed my mind and decided to walk it home from there, because it would have felt to me that I would have failed to complete the walk if I had caught the bus. Got home at 8:45 pm. A long day.

PNFS GREENFIELD CIRCULAR WALK - - Walked with PNFS long walk group on 27 June 2018. Leader was Martin Riley, 18.2km 11.3m, started and finished at Greenfield Railway Station. Walked up to Pots and Pans, down to St Chad’s Church and then down to Brownhills then along the Huddersfield Canal back to Greenfield.

Please don’t forget that if you like these videos can you “Subscribe,” “Like,” “Favourite” and “Share” it with your friends to show your support and help encourage people to get out there walking.

KentheWalker - - Exploring footpaths here there everywhere.

Facebook for Members

The society has a Facebook Group - PNFS MEMBERS. This is a forum for discussion of all matters relating to the preservation and improvement of the rights of way network across our region, our signposts, bridges and research into unrecorded ways. We hope it will also be a good place to share images of walks that can also be posted on our Instagram account, #LOVEOURFOOTPATHS.


A helpful sign

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A helpful sign has placed by the path's owner at junction of Longridge (Ribble Valley) FP21 and FP22. At least you know exactly where you are going. If only other landowners were as walker friendly!

Shirley M Addy, Editor and Footpath Inspector

Deadline for Signpost

Please be reminded that the deadlines for copy for Signpost magazine are 15 February, 15 May, 15 August and 15 November. Please forward your articles to in good time. Remember I can only accept them in an editable format, such as Word, and photographs in jpg format; including your job or role title would be helpful.


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