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WELCOME to Waymark

I have pleasure in forwarding your latest Waymark. Waymark is a newsletter that will be published via email four times a year - helping fill that long gap between Signpost - and will also appear on One of its aims is to encourage members to volunteer or get more involved in helping the PNFS.

If you would like to contribute to or have any suggestions or comments about Waymark, please contact me on

Shirley M Addy, BA, PNFS Editor


The AGM will be held at The Guildhall, Stockport on 7 May 2022. It will start at 11:00 with a buffet lunch 12:30. A talk by Keith Warrender about his new book on the Kinder mass trespass is planned for 13:30. The meeting will close at 15:00. Details have been sent to members and are on the website. It is hoped that members will be able to join the meeting remotely if they prefer.

Beware of Donkeys

After the recent stories about cows trampling a PNFS walker, this story has emerged from the Rivelin Valley in Sheffield of an attack by a donkey. It would appear that all farm animals can be a risk. The Society has submitted a Freedom of Information request to the Health and Safety Executive for details of all incidents involving farm animals over the last ten years.
"On 11 January, I (Scott Barton) and a friend (Steve Pool) were walking in Rivelin Valley at 1 pm today on a route that I have walked many times in the past. As indicated on the attached map we followed a public footpath across a field that now has 3 or 4 donkeys in it. As we entered the field (with both of our dogs on short leads at all times) one of the donkeys came over to us and we assumed at first was being friendly. As we crossed the field the donkey became increasingly aggressive and just before leaving the field raised onto its back legs and attacked me trying to bite me and landing on my shoulder. Luckily, I managed to keep on my feet and push back, despite several attempts to push me to the ground. This was really quite terrifying, but I managed to get out of the field without serious injury. I fear that it could have ended very differently particularly if this was an elderly person or young family in that situation."

Repeal of the 2026 cut-off date

On 16 February Defra announced changes to the rights of way package of reforms included in the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000 and the Deregulation Act 2015. A considerable amount of work remains to complete the legislation required to implement the measures, and. Defra has therefore decided on a pragmatic approach to take the package forward. The 2026 cut-off date, on which unrecorded historic public rights of way would have been extinguished, will be repealed, but the landowners’ right to apply for diversion and extinguishment orders will be progressed with the necessary statutory instruments being made before the summer recess of Parliament. Defra staff feel that this strikes a balance across stakeholder concerns and interests, while recognising that it does not deliver all the benefits originally envisaged.

This is cause for celebration by users of public rights of way. The 2026 cut-off would have extinguished public rights which have the potential to improve public access with benefits for physical and mental health and sustainable travel, and it is right that it should be abolished. However, there are several downsides. Briefly, the right to apply for public path orders will make it easier for landowners to obtain diversions which reduce the enjoyment of users of public paths, and it will divert local authority rights of way staff away from other aspects of rights of way management such as maintenance and enforcement. The reforms which would have helped users, such being freed from the burden of notifying owners about applications to recognise public rights over their land, and changes enabling authorities to progress such applications more quickly, will now no longer be a priority for Defra. Revision of the out-dated regulations for making public path orders, the Consistency Guidelines, and Circular 1/09, will be delayed further. User groups and other volunteers will no longer have the incentive to press on with their research into historical rights. And since Defra will have to wait for a suitable legislative vehicle to repeal the 2026 date, there is a real possibility that political pressure will build again to retain or re-introduce a cut-off date.

Rhoda Barnett, Courts and Inquiries Officer

PNFS Footpath Database

All PNFS members are entitled to access the Society's unique Footpath Database.

Since 2017, the Society's footpath inspectors have been reporting on the condition of rights of way across our region. In 2021 alone there were 8,764 inspections and since 2017 a staggering 32,269 inspections have been recorded.

The results of these inspections are shown on OS-based maps of every parish where we have, or have had, an inspector, providing a unique insight into the condition of the rights of way network.

Consulting the Footpath Database can help you to plan your walks, not only by showing where the rights of way are, but also whether you are likely to meet any obstacles or paths in poor condition.

If you don't already have access then contact Mel Bale who will provide you with the login details and password - send a message to

PNFS Online Talks Programme 2022

Following the success of PNFS's initial programme of online talks, more have been planned. The format will be similar and you will be able to log in using a Zoom link. You will attend and have the opportunity to participate in the talk or discussion from your own home. They will start at 7.00 pm and last for approximately one hour. They will be held on a Tuesday evening.

The link to join the talks is

Speaker Topic Date
David Gosling Kinder Trespass

This year is the 90th Anniversary of the famous Kinder Trespass. In this talk David will get behind some of the myths about the Trespass and reveal that the story of winning access to Kinder was more complicated than the legend that has grown up around this single afternoon event.
24 May

Details of further talks will be published as soon as they become available.

Previous talks are available on our Youtube Channel or just search for PNFS or Peak and Northern Footpaths Society in YouTube and then click on the PNFS channel to find it.

You might consider being a 'subscriber' which means YouTube will tell you when the next video is uploaded.

Walkers from America and Slow Ways

We do perhaps take our wonderful footpaths for granted, so it was great to read the comments from Emily Axel 'An American in PNFS'. I chatted with a couple from the States on the Coast to Coast who had nothing but praise for walks in the UK. Most of us like to explore something new so English footpaths, being unique, offer a pull to certain visitors.

Now I've banged on about Slow Ways in the past but here's where things start to weave together. I've joined a small group who meet up occasionally to walk a Slow Way. I was amazed when one walker said he was coming up from London and later another came down from Lancaster. Our last walk was Winsford to Crewe see mostly along the well maintained pahs of Cheshire East. Mike who came up from London is a young enthusiastic footpath user over here from America to study. On the last walk he brought a friend who had arrived only the previous day from Boston, that's not Lincolnshire, her first visit to the UK and enjoying every muddy step along out paths.

The weaving continues because Slow Ways is having the first national swarm to promote the network and it will be based in Leeds. Mike will be there so fingers crossed he might meet up with Emily.

Ken Brockway

Wanted - Photographs for Signpost covers

Members are invited to submit photographs for Signpost magazine's cover.

Photographs must show footpaths or bridleways as they are PNFS's raison d'etre. They must be in JPG format and may be in either portrait or landscape format, but they may be subject to some cropping.

Please email your photograph with some brief location and PROW details to the editor at Note that only photographs taken by members can be used so they are accepted on the understanding that this is the case.

List of PNFS signposts available for memorials or dedications

There are still some signposts - listed below - available for individual walkers or walking groups who would like to have a commemorative plaque to one in return for a donation of £375. As can be seen from Signpost Officer, David Morton's reports in Signpost, all signposts receive periodic inspections and maintenance as required. See our Signpost Gallery at for their grid reference, photograph and map or just click on the links below.

If you are interested, contact David on 0161 283 7824 or email him on

S514 at Oxenhope, Keighley; S517 on Midshires Way at Bredbury

S531 & S533 at Wicken Walls, Flash; S534 at Hr. Hud Lee Farm, Hurst Green, Lancs.

S540 & S541 at Onecote Grange, Leek; S542 at Hassop, Calver; S548 at Knarrs Nook Farm, Matley Moor, Chunal

S553, S565, S566, S567 & S574 at Goldsytch Farm, The Roaches

S577 at Elkstone, Warslow, Leek

S580 at Norden, Rochdale; S585, S587 & S588 at Mountain Farm, Blacko, Colne

S589, S591, S592 & S593 at Hr. Gills Farm, Rimington, Clitheroe; S594 at Ribchester, Ribble Valley

S598 & S599 at Copster Green, Ribble Valley;

S603 at Slaidburn, Bowland; S604 at Lt.Snodworth, Langho, Ribble Valley; S617 at Dinckley, nr Langho, Ribble Valley; S622 at Stafford

S624, S625, S626 & S627 at Stretton Hall Farm, Clay Cross

PNFS Walks

All members are welcome to join any of PNFS's walks. There are three walks organised by a PNFS member each month. The usual distances are: shorter walks 6-7 miles, longer ones 9-10 miles, and east side ones 8-10 miles. All walks start from a railway or bus station. Updated details can be found at


IT IS VITAL that attendees check all train times and for any updates
Shorter Walks - All on Wednesdays
John Fisher, Co-ordinator,, 01625 439298 or 07432 825624
Date Leader Details
11 May Dave Rigby
01484 846412
Slaithwaite circular, 7 miles. Train from Manchester Piccadilly 09:58. Walk starts Slaithwaite station 10:35
8 June Peter Burns
01744 893432
Shorter walk, 5 miles. Start at the Tyldesley Interchange on the Leigh Guided Busway. Bus V1 or V2 from Manchester City Centre, eg Princess St 10:18 or 10:28. Walk starts Tyldesley Interchange 11:05. Returning from Holden Road on same route - if paying, book return to there
13 July David and Beth Bratt 01925 762472; 07401 789400 Delamere Forest. Train details to follow on website and in next Signpost/Waymark
10 August John Fisher 01625 439298; 07432 825624 Buxton circular, 7 miles, based on the Buxton ‘Ring of Trees’ walk. Train details to follow on website and in next Signpost/Waymark
14 September Contact John Fisher if you would like to lead a walk.
12 October Contact John Fisher if you would like to lead a walk.
9 November Contact John Fisher if you would like to lead a walk.
14 December Contact John Fisher if you would like to lead a walk.
Longer Walks - All on Wednesdays
Ken Smith, Co-ordinator, kensmith4rj@icloud 07918 154959
Note: If you would like to lead a walk for one of the vacant slots please email Ken.
Date Leader Details
25 May David Gosling
07841 647 275
Adlington to Poynton via Nab Hill, 10.5 miles. From Adlington Station 10:10 am (09:44 from Manchester Piccadilly). Return from Poynton Station approx 16:00
29 June Gavin Miller
07951 746323
Cat & Fiddle to Macclesfield Walk
Cat & Fiddle - Three Shire Heads - Shutlingsloe - Langley - Macclesfield 09:35 am train from Manchester Piccadilly (09:44 from Stockport) to Macclesfield for 10:15 bus (Service 58) to Cat & Fiddle Return by train from Macclesfield 11 miles 1400 ft ascent
27 July Ross Myddleton
07941 547378
Silverdale Walk Leighton Moss and Hall - Jenny Brown’s Point - FP14 Silverdale - Arnside Knott 8:48 am train Piccadilly arrives Silverdale 10:29 am book Arnside return Walk starts at Silverdale Station 10:30 11 miles
31 August Dave Rigby
07527 582143
Slaithwaite Circular Walk Hilly walk to Marsden and back Train Piccadilly 9:58 am arrives Slaithwaite 10:33 Walk time approx 5 hours
Walk starts at 10:35
28 September Ken Smith
07918 154959
Marsden to Greenfield Walk Via Pule Hill - Diggle Edge - Running Hill - Primrose Hill - Bunkers Train Piccadilly 9:58 am arrives Marsden 10:29 Walk starts at 10:30 10 miles 1433ft ascent
26 October Martin Riley
07908 081959
See website for details nearer the date.
30 November TBC Contact Ken Smith if you would like to lead this walk
14 December TBC Contact Ken Smith if you would like to lead this walk
EAST SIDES WALKS - All on Tuesdays
Ken Brockway, Co-ordinator,, 01773 287225. Would anyone wishing to lead an east side walk please contact Ken.
17 May Leader Required Bennerley Viaduct – Iron Giant 11 miles. Train 09:54 Chesterfield. Walk starts Ilkeston station 10:20
14 June Leader Required Baslow - Bakewell linear via Monsall Head 10 miles ascent 1600 ft. Bus 170 New Beetwell Street (Stop B12) 10:00 or Sheffield Interchange 218 09:40 Walk starts 10:35 Baslow bus stop, car park adjacent
19 July Leader Required Barnsley – Elsecar linear 12 miles. Train 09:55 Chesterfield via Sheffield 10.13. Walks starts Barnsley station 10:40, return from Elsecar
16 August Leader Required Rowsley DVHW 11 miles. Bus 170 New Beetwell Street (Stop B12) 10:00 Walks starts Robin Hood 10.30 (from Sheffield tel. leader) Finish Baslow
20 September CANCELLED

Benefits of being a member of PNFS

Benefits of PNFS membership include receiving Signpost magazine and Waymark enewsletter, attending members' walks, access to the society's Footpath Inspection Database and our members-only Facebook page (see elsewhere in this Waymark). Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube. Find out more at

Too high

Martin Riley forwarded an extract from The Big Issue magazine about a woman complaining in a Tripadvisor review that Skiddaw was "too high." In her review, she goes onto say that the peak in the Lake District was a "poorly developed visitor attraction" compared with Snowdon and that the ascent was "an exhausting experience on the basis that the only means to get up there is to walk ... how can the Lake District National Park people expect people to go up there?" She also warns that there are no facilities at the top!

Red carpet treatment

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In early January during an inspection of Paythorne FP15 in the Ribble Valley, I received the red carpet treatment!

Shirley M Addy, Footpath Inspector

In case you've missed ...

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- BBC news and - The front cover picture on the latest edition of Signpost was taken during a private tour from Bennerley viaduct.
The viaduct is now open for anyone to visit at any time (from Ken Brockway) - Public Space Protection Order powers for National Park Authorities. - Hundreds want Monsal Trail bridge to be fixed but it could be a long time yet - Ethel Haythornthwaite - the quiet subversive of the Peak District - Walkers of the world unite! The last Clarion House,
a radical rest for ramblers and cyclists Raptors and Grouse Moors - A Discussion - A history of Clarion Club Houses (from David Morton) - Stunning Peak District waterfalls you need to visit - Walking the path: An Ancient Tradition - The Iron Giant - A New Future for Viaduct - Uttoxeter to Buxton Railway. (The Tissington Trail) - New Countryside Code for Landowners Man Tramped to Death: Farmer Convicted (from Ken Brockway) - Matlock Walk: Town Centre (4K) - Guardian Country Diary - Trouble beneath the blackthorn (from Mel Bale) - Help 'lost trespassers': Natural England issues new guidelines for farmers | Rural affairs | The Guardian - Countryside advice for Land Managers (from Ken Brockway) - The Value of Green Spaces - Deadline to register England’s footpaths cancelled after public access campaign - Bakewell walk: town centre (4K) A walk to Manchester City Centre - Rail company accused of ‘stealing’ footpath in ongoing right of way battle - Rail company accused of ‘stealing’ footpath in ongoing right of way battle - Walk the remotest spot in England - Wild Peak Rewilding Project - Bats on Kinder - Unlicenced and uninsured quad bikers failed to escape police after chase in South Yorkshire - If this is true, it will have repercussions for walkers as several public rights of way connect to the A57 and the only way between them is a stretch of the A57, however short it is. It might be feasible to use open access land to bypass the closed section of road but it's not clear how easy that would be. - Alternative route avoiding the A57 closure, (from David Brown) - Heptonstall 4K Narrated Walking Tour - Haworth 4K Narrated Walking Tour - Hidden historic Derbyshire cottage part of new restoration project - Not our area, but of interest as it shows how stupid the situation can get sometimes! - Mass trespass of Winter Hill, Bolton, Lancashire (West Pennine Moors) - 125 years Celebration on YouTube

Assault Course

Image not found

I know some paths may feel like an assault course but here's one that really is - Osleston and Thurvaston FP 37 South Derbyshire.

Ken Brockway

PNFS Badges

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PNFS has a pin badge available. Showing the logo (as shown here), it is 25 mm diameter with a single pin with a secure clip on the back. The cost is a minimum donation of £3 including p&p. Send your order with payment to the Treasurer at Peak and Northern Footpaths Society, 23 Turncroft Lane, Stockport SK1 4AB. Alternatively order by email to

A cloth rucksack badge in similar design is also available for £3 including p&p. Ordering details are as above

Facebook for Members

There is now a Facebook - Peak & Northern Footpaths Society Members' Group - PNFS MEMBERS. This is a forum for discussion of all matters relating to the preservation and improvement of the rights of way network across our region, our signposts, bridges and research into unrecorded ways. We hope it will also be a good place to share images of walks that can also be posted on our Instagram account, #LOVEOURFOOTPATHS.


Deadline for Signpost

Please be reminded that the deadlines for copy for Signpost magazine are 15 February, 15 May, 15 August and 15 November. Please forward your articles to in good time. Remember I can only accept them in an editable format, such as Word, and photographs in JPG format; including your job or role title would be helpful.


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