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I have pleasure in forwarding your latest Waymark. Waymark is a newsletter that has been emailed to members four times a year - helping fill that long gap between Signpost - and can also be viewed at One of its aims has been to encourage members to volunteer or get more involved in helping PNFS.

For various reasons, this is the final issue of Waymark, at least for the time being. I'd like to thank everyone who has taken the time read the previous 9 issues. I am very grateful to all the people who have contributed to Waymark in the past, without your efforts Waymark would never have happened. If you has any comments or feed back please contact me at

Shirley M Addy, BA, PNFS Editor

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PNFS Online Talks Programme - Spring 2023

All talks start at 7.00 pm, usually on the fourth Tuesday of the month and last for approximately one hour.

The link to join the talks is

Date/Speaker Topic Description
23 May
David Gosling and other PNFS members
Historic cases the Society has fought and won In this talk we will look back at four historic cases the Society has fought and won: Snake Path (1897); Higher Benfield (1929); Bridestones (2012); and Jenny Brown’s Point, Silverdale (2019). We will look at the fascinating story behind each PNFS victory.

All previous talks are available on our Youtube Channel or just search for PNFS or Peak and Northern Footpaths Society in YouTube and then click on the PNFS channel to find it.

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I’ve found my dream job. And it’s all thanks to that nasty fall into the wild garlic, writes Adrian Chiles

Following this article, David Gosling, wrote to the Guardian:

"Adrian Chiles might be interested to know that the Peak and Northern Footpaths Society has been inspecting footpaths since 1894 when the Society was created to protect access to a right of way across Kinder Scout. Today we have over 150 volunteer footpath inspectors across a great swathe of northern England from the Wirral across to Rotherham and from Lancaster down to South Derbyshire."

"We would be delighted to offer Adrian a role as a volunteer footpaths inspector when he walks within our region. Or he could report any rickety stiles he finds to PNFS using our app Path Checker which he can download for free.  Then he could start his dream job straight away.  David Gosling, Vice Chair - PNFS"

It was published; see On the right track to improving footpaths

Flixton saga of 1827 - David Morton

After so many years, I thought I knew the history of PNFS and its links to the Bottoms Path, Flixton saga of 1827, via the Manchester Society and the Hayfield Society, but this detailed and lengthy 1976 pamphlet by member Don Lee (via Belfast Library) adds a lot of interesting factual detail, which I hope you will enjoy as much as I did, eg I didn't know about the creation of District Councils in the 1890s, which, with their new duty to protect footpaths, stimulated the rise of many campaigning footpath societies like P&NCFPS in 1894 and York in 1892.

A copy of this pamphlet is on PNFS's website The Fixton Footpath Battle

Lost Ways Project - Ken Brockway, PNFS Unrecorded Ways

The Lost Ways project is still important. Recently a question was put to The Rt Hon Lord Benyon, (Minister of State for Biosecurity, Marine and Rural Affairs DEFRA) regarding the repeal of the 2026 cut-off date in England. The response indicated that the repeal announced by DEFRA on 16 Feb 2022 may not be honoured, and instead the date may be extended. So we should not sit back and think the task has gone away.

I have volunteered to be a researcher for the Don't Lose Your Way (DLYW) project run by the Ramblers. That doesn't mean I'm giving up on PNFS it just gives me access to the different approach they are taking. I've been appointed joint coordinator for Derby and Derbyshire which has given me access to the DLYW map and database of identified lost paths.

Along with my joint coordinator I have been working through the priority paths and it has been very helpful to our decision making to have sometimes 3 or 4 suggested priorities which at times can vary from high to invalid. So I'm asking PNFS members to take a look. Anyone can register and take part by suggesting a path priority. We have over 2,000 plus paths in Derbyshire and most need a suggestion on their value to the network.

If you wish to delve a little deeper with this task you can check with the County Council mapping portal with rights of way and adopted highway layers displayed to see if the identified route is already recorded in some way. There is also Find my Street which would be very useful in the city because they do not have a footpath map online.

The other thing to check is the register of Definitive Map Modification Order (DMMO) applications to see if the route has an application in progress. Beware with the county register which fails to show in the parish search if no map has been created, you need to look at the complete list.

This is a task for a rainy day when you are tempted to stay indoors, please take a look

Merlin birdsong app Kathryn Berzins, Chair Ramsgreave Parish Council

I use a birdsong app called Merlin from Cornell University. You record birdsong and it tells you what it is. I’ve been experimenting with it over the past couple of days. It’s heavy on memory usage but fascinating and seems very accurate. Below is from one minute at my bird feeders. There were 9 birds identified altogether.

See the Lake District in Lego - Ken Brockway

Holloways and their origins - John Harker

Urban walks in Greater Manchester from Marple to central Manchester with a new route from Romiley to Stockport - Ken Brockway.

Marple to Romiley

Romiley to Stockport my effort

Stockport to Levenshulme going our separate ways

Levenshulme to Manchester

Clarion House - Simon Worrall

I refer to Rita Machin's article in the previous issue of Signpost. My walk in March passed Clarion House (although it’s normally only open on Sunday unfortunately). It’s an interesting historical feature and there’s an information board outside which summarises its origins. Clarion House is actually in Roughlee (not Barley) I believe, close to the parish boundary with Goldshaw Booth.

These links may be of interest:

New map symbols for Ordnance Survey maps? - John Harker

Path Checker App - Mel Bale

Did you know that PNFS has its own smartphone app called Path Checker? Path Checker is free and can be downloaded from both the App Store and Google Play.

It has three features. By default it shows the user’s grid reference and allows them to enter details of a fault have just encountered. An existing or new photograph can be selected and then all the details emailed to the society by pressing a submit button.

The other two features are available via the 'Map' and 'PNFS' icons at the bottom of the screen. The former shows the society’s signposts and bridges via standard location icons. Selecting an icon shows a photograph of the signpost/bridge along with it details. ‘PNFS’ provides three links to the society’s website, ‘Join Us’, ‘Support Us’ and ‘About Us’

Our new app simplifies the reporting of a fault. Why not download it now and try it out? Tell your friends and family about it as well.

PNFS Walks

All members are welcome to join any of PNFS's walks, and why not bring a friend along as well. There are three walks organised by a PNFS member each month. The usual distances are: shorter walks 6-7 miles, longer ones 9-10 miles, and east side ones 8-10 miles. All walks start from a railway or bus station. Updated details can be found at

IT IS VITAL that attendees check all train times and for any updates
SHORTER WALKS - All on Wednesdays
John Fisher, Co-ordinator,, 01625 439298 or 07432 825624
Date Leader Details
13 May SATURDAY Ross Myddelton 07941 547378 Radcliffe Metro to Prestwich Metro, 7 miles, easy. Includes part of the Irwell sculpture trail, Clifton aqueduct and Philips Park. Walk starts Radcliffe Metro 11:00..
14 June Martin Riley 07908 081959 Norden near Rochdale circular, 8 miles. Manchester Victoria 09:37, arrive Rochdale railway station 09:50 for onward travel to Rochdale bus station, 10 mins walk max. Stand L bus R8 10:20 to Norden arrive 10:39. Walk starts 10:45 near Bridge Inn, Edenfield Rd, Norden.
12 July John Harker 07929 051978 New Mills to Marple, 8 miles approx. The walk will take in a new public bridleway that PNFS was involved in getting added to the definitive map on the outskirts of New Mills. The route beyond that will be towards Thornsett, Rowarth, Moor End and Mellor. Manchester Piccadilly 09:48 or Sheffield 09:14. Walk starts New Mills, Central Station 10:15.
LONGER WALKS - All on Wednesdays
Ken Smith, Co-ordinator, kensmith4rj@icloud 07918 154959
Date Leader Details
31 May Ken Smith 07918 154959 Glossop to Greenfield Walk Train 9:33 am Piccadilly arrives Glossop 10:03. Walk start at 10:15 11 miles 2144ft ascent.
28 June Ken Brockway 01773 287225 Stone Staffordshire Circular Walk Taking in Downs Bank, Moddershall and Stone Circular Challenge Train Manchester Piccadilly to Stoke-on-Trent then change Train to Stone Walk starts at 10:30 12 miles.
26 July Ross Myddelton 07941 547378 Linear walk from Silverdale to Arnside visiting Gait Barrows, Fairy Steps, Beetham and Dallam Tower. Moderate walk of 11 miles with 850ft of ascent. 08:50 train from Piccadilly arriving Silverdale at 10:29. Book Arnside return train ticket.
WEEKEND WALKS - All on Saturdays
Shirley Addy, Co-ordinator,, 07434 897143 (text).
20 May Mick Chatham 07792 709198 01706 379318 Moved from 6 May due to the Coronation. Littleborough over to Watergrove the submerged village. 10 miles medium. Starts from Littleborough railway station 10:00 (time may change nearer the time), OL15 8AR, GR SD93800 16200. Free adjacent parking SD9380016200, BB4 4NP. 9.5 miles through one time industrial countryside, max altitude 350 m, some short steep sections and mud is guaranteed.
3 June Linda Smith 07808 319733 Frodsham to Delamere (and return via a different route). This walk will dispel the myth that Cheshire is a flat county. We will cover 11 miles and climb 1,400 ft of ascent, taking in part of the Sandstone Trail, passing through two of the most wooded areas of the county and getting fantastic views over the Mersey estuary. Walk starts 09:30 at Frodsham Railway Station car park (£1.50 for over 6 hours), WA6 7DN, GR SJ51867 77862. SJ5186777862
1 July Mick Chatham 07792 709198 01706 379318 Todmorden (definitely not up to Stoodley Pike!). 10 miles, medium, on the tops. Starts from Todmorden railway station 10:00 (time may change nearer time), OL14 7AA, GR SD93500 24100. SD9350024100, Free adjacent parking.

Armchair walking or an invitation to get out of your armchair!

Links kindly forwarded by John Harker (except where acknowledged otherwise)

A visit to Calke Abbey in south Derbyshire, the Harpur Crewe family's time capsule.

A walk along a disused railway line north of Barnsley not officially a prow.

A walk north of Barnsley tracing a disused colliery tramroad.

More walking disused railway lines around Doncaster and a former railway station.

Exploring Doncaster s disused rail network and a visit to Potteric Carr Nature Reserve managed by the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust.

A stroll around Castleton village in the Peak District National Park.

A visit to Hardwick Hall in Derbyshire and to Sherwood Forest nearby.

A walk up to Stoodley Pike above Calderdale.

The refilling of the Derwent Valley reservoirs Peak District National Park.

A walk at Ladybower Reservoir Peak District National Park.

A walk around Ladybower and a lost railway line.

A visit to Little Moreton Hall and Mow Cop in Cheshire.

Much of this line is now a Greenway cycletrack & footpath.

A walk around Shardlow village on the Trent & Mersey Canal in south Derbyshire. A complete canal village.

A walk around the plague village of Eyam in the Peak District National Park.

A walk on disused railway lines north of Barnsley.

A walk along an old horse-drawn colliery tramroad linking pit and Barnsley Canal near Wakefield. It's now a public right of way.

Killamarsh in North-East Derbyshire used to have three railway stations on different lines. A walk through Central was covered in a previous video. This walk covers the other two - Upperthorpe, and Killamarsh West.

Meet the sunrise on the Great Ridge.

A walk around the town of Swadlincote, south Derbyshire

Magpie Lead Mine near Bakewell Peak District National Park.

A walk to find Stalybridge "New" tunnel

Dearne Valley walk part 1- Doncaster to Conisbrough.

A visit to Chatsworth, Edensor and Ashford in the water in the Peak District National Park.

A walk around Eyam in the Peak District.

A walk around Haworth village in West Yorkshire.

A Peak District walk including Padley Gorge and Higger Tor on the edge of Sheffield.

An unusual view of Halifax.

Checking Ladybower Reservoir water levels.

A walk at Renishaw in north east Derbyshire investigating it's industrial history, railways and canals.

A walk in the Redmires/Rivelin area of Sheffield.

A walk at Redmires Reservoirs Sheffield part of Peak District National Park.

A photographer's walk to Lumsdale Falls near Matlock in winter.

A photographer's walk in Padley Gorge Peak District National Park

A walk along a colliery branch line near Chesterfield Derbyshire

Part two of a walk following the disused Dearne Valley line in the Conisbrough area of South Yorkshire

A photography walk above the Longdendale valley in the Peak District National Park.

A walk with a Bronte theme.

Another disused railway walk north of Barnsley.

A walk around Holmfirth in Kirklees

A West Yorkshire disused railway walk.

A public footpath passing under a canal and railway line in Tameside. Which path is it?

Facebook - Peak & Northern Footpaths Society Members' Group PNFS MEMBERS.

This is a forum for discussion of all matters relating to the preservation and improvement of the rights of way network across our region, our signposts, bridges and research into unrecorded ways. We hope it will also be a good place to share images of walks that can also be posted on our Instagram account, #LOVEOURFOOTPATHS.

In case you've missed ...

Thanks go to John Harker for forwarding all these links (except where acknowledged otherwise).

Ashover is a parish between Matlock and Chesterfield in north-east Derbyshire. It has superb walking opportunities and a very active local Footpaths Group affiliated to PNFS.

Learn to walk better ...

The ability to walk on water might be handy ...

Radio 4 debate between Matthew Parris and Nick Hayes, author of "The Book of Trespass" about access to land and water and the right to live a nomadic life.

Litter picking along the Don Valley Way walk in Rotherham amongst other events

Walkers urged not to rely on mobiles

2,360 mile trek to link 15 national parks

Woodland Trust buy ex golf course for public access.

Walking is one of the simplest and most strategic things you can do for yourself. It takes little preparation, minimal effort, no special equipment, and it can contract or expand to fit the exact amount of time you have available.

NP minister visits Peak District

A Radio 4 programme with Robert McFarlane and Johnny Flynn about the Edwardian poet who wrote poems about walking and singing in the open air.

Thornbridge Hall public inquiry ends.

Is this a solution to closing at grade crossings over railway lines?

Peak District strategy for next ten years

Some readers may be familiar with this river crossing now out of repair.

A walk at Ilam Hall in the Staffordshire Peak District and Calke Abbey in south Derbyshire near Melbourne.

Advice on walking the 71 mile "Cumbria Way". I walked it in 1993 and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Major canal path works Staffordshire

Visit waterfalls in the Peak District area.

A new Local Nature Reserve on a former tip site.

Matlock's answer to the "Via Ferrata"

Tracing signs of an tunnel beneath Stanage Edge in the Peak District National Park.

New Roman highway discovered intact

Another loss of traditional public access.

Many public rights of way follow old drovers ways across remote countryside.

Walking around the coast of the UK - a mere 11,000 miles

New "Greenway" in Bolsover District Derbyshire

It's official. The Harvard Business Review approves of taking a walk!

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